David Einhorn Interview, Shopping tips for men and Credit Card Phobia

This week I present to you this awesome David Einhorn interview that I came across via The Big Picture. David Einhorn is a hedge fund manager famous for his successful shorts, and there are some points in this interview that really resonated well with me. The interviewer was great too, which is not as usual as it should be, so that added to the whole interview as well.

I like the part which starts about the 13 minute mark where he describes some of his longs, and the rationale behind it. It’s so simple, clear, and easy to understand that you struggle to understand why some other people on TV go rambling for minutes without making any sense at all.

The other part that I especially like starts at about the 23 minute mark when he says that investors should do their own research, and think for themselves, and understand that no one cares about their money as much as they do. If you go wrong then go wrong knowing that you did what was best for you, and not because someone else told you that.

As I have written before I have stayed away from gold, but when I read that John Paulson has gold holdings, and then I see David Einhorn talking positively about gold, I get tempted and I say to myself I have to be a fool not to be in gold if these smart guys own it, but I’d rather be wrong on my own analysis, than be right aping someone else plus gold is not the only game in town, so that makes the decision slightly easier.

I’ve said enough now, go watch the video, it is about 26 minutes long, and is well worth your time.

Now for something lighter: this hilarious and largely true post about Shopping Tips for Men by Scott Adams.

And finally here is a post for those of you who are scared of using credit cards – Are you credit card phobic @ Smarter Wallet

Enjoy your weekend!

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