L&T Infrastructure Bonds Open from 7th Feb to 7th March 2011

L&T has come up with the second tranche of their infrastructure bonds, and this will be open from the 7th Feb 2011 to the 7th March 2011.

The bonds are issued under section 80CCF so they will get you an additional tax relief in the form of reduction of taxable salary outside of what you get under Section 80C.

L&T Infra bonds have been rated CARE AA+ by CARE which denotes low credit risk. The bonds can be purchased in the physical or Demat form, and the minimum investment needed in the bond is Rs. 5,000.

There are two series on offer by L&T and the maturity period of both the series is 10 years. However, there is a buyback option that can be exercised by you at the end of either 5 or 7 years.

Here are some details about this issue.

L&T Infrastructure Bonds
L&T Infrastructure Bonds

As you can see above the series which pays annual interest rate has a slightly lower interest payment at 8.20% when compared with the series that pays out cumulative interest. Personally, in the high interest scenario we are in I’d go for the slightly lower interest rate for getting an annual payout, but that’s just my preference.

You can invest in these bonds through your trading accounts like ICICI Direct, through financial advisers, or you could do it directly by filling out a form, and submitting it in one of the collection centers.

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  1. I purchased dis no 5771966 to 5771985 long term L&Tinfra fin co. Bond on 24.3.12.I have sent Through CARVY to credit in my Dmate a/c.I have not received any interest on it as my account was closed during 2012.Please look mob 9416407679

  2. sir,i have infra tax saver bond series2011 a&2012a. i want to change my banks A/C details.what is the procedure

  3. Sir I have purchase L&T Infrastructure bond Rs 20000.00in march 24.03.2012 and lock in period 23.03.2017.Iwant to withdraw but where submit of document .Please send the Adress in my Mail.

  4. Non receipt of money of tax-savings infra bonds.
    regd, folio No. 20466880.
    certi No.202103
    no of bonds-20, series 2
    please send me the address /tell me on mobile where to submit my bonds.

  5. I have purchase Long terms infrastructure bond 2012 A series Folio no 22036271 Certificate no 403627 -20*1000 total rs 20000/- date of allotment is 24.03.2012 for 5 year locking I want to reduction of that Pls let us clear what is procure now. Pls clear.

  6. I am the holder of L&T Long Term Infrastructure bonds 2012A sereies. my Regd.Folio No. 23099926. I have bonds in physical form. now i want to change my address ,please inform me on my e mail procedure or cal me my mobile 8558862436.

  7. Ref. to allotment advice no.-006635 dtd 07.03.2011. DP ID/ CL ID / Folio no 11154042 Certificate / Distinctive No. 682466 (2437582-2437590) 9 TAX SAVING BONDS( L&T long term infrastructure bonds 2011A series) in fav.RAJINDER SINGH Saidbonds got matured in March 2016 . Inspite of letters &emails with Company ,till date I have not recieve any response from company..Kindly help me to get my payment from the said Co. Kindly find attach herewith forwarding letter and original bonds certificate for your reference.

    RAJINDER SINGH.M. NO 8146486800
    Mail ID rajindersingh5362@gmail.com

  8. sir, I have been alloted L&t infrastructure bond on dt.- 23-03-2011 and mature on dt.- 23-03-2016, ISIN: INE691I07232, Regd Folio No.- 11703054, Certificate No.- 737367, Name Of Holder:- SATYENDRA PRASAD SINGH, Series – 2, No. of Debenture:- 20 (Twenty),Distinctive No.- 3185323 – 3185342 . I want maturity + bond amount. How to get the same. I request you please advice and direct me.
    3 / 217, NEW PATLIPUTRA COLONY, PATNA-800013

  9. DearSir
    I had purchased 20 Debentures amounting to Rs.20000/- on 24/02/2011 vide your allotment advise No.390929 interest cum refund order No.390929 vide application No.16172127(REF: 126311,ENV No.359666
    EM750755391IN). Now want to discontinue the the debentures. However I am not in a position to contact your office as the telephone numbers provided in your documents are either disconnected on not exist. Hence I intimate me the contact number for further action. I also request that the procedure for closure of the same may please be inimated at the earliest.
    Hope your early action and reply.
    Thanking you

    Saramma Jacob

  10. sir I purchase L&t infrastructure bond on 23 03 2011 and mature on 23 03 2016 No of -Debenture 20 Regd Folio No 10409527 Certificate No 608014 Distinctive No 1057642- 1057661 Complete for my bond so I want to maturity + bond amount to my UBI S/B A/C No 0937010073750 KOLKATA 32 Mo no 09051069920 I already send two letter to your head office But on respond found from your end .

  11. Pl do not make mistake of investing in L & T infrastructure bonds, they are deducting TDS but neither giving TDS certificate nor depositing in Income Tax we got bad experience on top it is under reliance group so you can imagine?????

  12. sir
    I have purchased long term infrastructure bond 2011 A series 2 folio no.10688779 certificate no. 635939. lock in period was 22.03.2016. Till DATE I COULD I wish diaspose

  13. We have purchased L&T infrastructure Bond on 10-01-2012 ( Lock in period 5years)
    it has been matured on 09-01-2017
    The folio No : 20864524 & 21215589
    Certificate No – 277005 & 276973
    Where we have to dispatch the original bond with address proof along with crossed cheque to company addressed to L& T office Mumbai for its redemption?
    Please reply me
    Email Id : nkpecr@gmail.com
    Narendra Kumar Pandey & Renu Pandey

  14. Sub: Maturity of L & T Infra Bond
    We have two L & T Infra bonds of Rs.20000/- (Rs. Twenty thousand) each. The details are as under:
    Name: Narendra Kumar Pandey.
    Application No.: 32861149.
    Allotment advice No: 152337
    DP/CL ID / Folio No.: 21215902
    Certificate No. 277005
    Distinctive Nos: 3023963-3023982
    Date of issue: 10.01.2012.
    Date of Maturity: 09.01.17.
    No. of debenture allotted: 20
    Mode of payment: Physical.
    Name: Renu Pandey.
    Application No.: 32861148.
    Allotment advice No: 152336
    DP/CL ID / Folio No.: 21215589
    Certificate No. 276973
    Distinctive Nos: 3023318-3023337
    Date of issue: 10.01.2012.
    Date of Maturity: 09.01.17.
    No. of debenture allotted: 20
    Mode of payment: Physical.
    Any further communication in this regard, may please be intimated on the following address:

    Mr. N .K. Pandey,Block – G, Flat No. 204
    Railway Colony,Near Ramashish Chowk,
    Opposite – Hajipur Blockgate,
    Hajipur (Vaishali) Bihar,
    PIN – 844101.
    Please advice what action should be taken or where I have to send my original for redemption in this regard.

    It is sorry to say that no intimation has been given in this regard.

  15. I have purchased L&T infrastructure Bond on 10-01-2012 ( Lock in period 5years)
    it has been matured on 09-01-2017
    My folio No : 20864524
    Certificate No – 241867
    I have already dispatched the original bond, address proof along with crossed cheque to company addressed to L& T office Mumbai.
    Please reply me
    Email Id : hansrajwasnik@gmail.com
    hansraj wasnik

  16. Sir,
    L&T Infra bond-2012A series allotted on 24.3.212. Lock-in-period of 5 years has already been completed on 24.3.2017. Please tell me through my e-mail what is the procedure for buyback option after completion of 5 years lock-in-period.

  17. Shanti Rao September 29, 2016 at 12:48 PM
    Dear Sirs,

    I had invested Rs.8,000/- in L&T Infrastructure Bonds on 23/03/2011 Regd. Folio no. 11555781 Certificate no. 722640 . series 2 distintive no. 2995240-2995247 with maturity date 23/03/2016.
    Till date I have not received the maturity amount. Original certificates with me. Kindly confirm when you are paying the amount. Expect a reply from reputed organisation like yours .

    Thanks and regards

    CELL 7506726797/9004642405

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