Exports worth 450 bn, London Olympics, other India and Mental Accounting

This week a press release from the PIB (Press Information Bureau) of India which states that India is targeting exports worth $450 billion by 2014 really caught my eye. Exports are expected to hit $225 billion in 2010 – 11, so they are talking about doubling this in 3 years.

That’s a great target, and I hope we are successful in it. I haven’t read the strategy paper yet, just the press release, but having a target like this is itself quite good because even if you get close to that you have still done quite well.

Another press release – this time from the blog of Union Minister of State for Sports and Affairs – yeah that’s right – Mr. Ajay Maken does have a blog.

For the 2012 London Olympics – 10 categories have been identified in which India’s prospects of winning a medal are better than the rest, and there is a focus to train and win some medals in these categories. It’ll be really great if we do well (relatively speaking) in the London Olympics. All the best to Mr. Maken and his team, and I’d like to hear from readers if they have ever heard of any focused preparation for the Olympics prior to this.

I think this is another first – Mukesh Ambani – India’s richest man worries about the other India.

John Elliott on the current budget: Finance Minister in a time warp as India’s success story wobbles.

Now, on to some personal finance – Ranjan Varma on mental accounting v/s getting real.

Hemant Beniwal on how to identify when your financial planner doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

I’ll end with this WSJ link about the Indians with most Klout on Twitter. I wasn’t surprised to know that I don’t follow any of these folks, but it makes for interesting reading nonetheless. BTW I’m on Twitter too.

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