Ralph Lauren’s cars, new CPI, how fish Tweet and others

First off, The Big Picture has photos from the car collection of Ralph Lauren. The toys rich people have!

Next up, a very good account on how STPs are being misused by Dhirendra Kumar.

You might be aware that a new CPI has been announced, and Ajay Shah has an excellent post on it.

Hemant on plans with bonus – this is one of those mental accounting posts where you treat money from different sources differently.

I have written about the next stage of developing this thinking building on a post from Mark Wolfinger of Options for Rookies who wrote:

“If you have a profit, that profit is yours.  It does not belong to ‘the house.’  If the investment turns against you, and your $1,000 profit becomes a $600 profit, you lost $400.

I can hear the disbelief now.  “How can I have lost $400 when I earned a $600 profit?”…. Holding is a decision.  It’s a decision not to act.  Because you can exit the trade at it’s current price, that price represent the value of your trade.  This is marking to the market.”

Mark’s post about this is just great, and if this concept is new to you or just needs re-enforcement you can read it here.

Book review of Jaya: An Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata by Reema Sahay.

Finally, here’s some light humor from Mashable that will make you feel good about your Tweets.

Enjoy your weekend!

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