Puzzles for the week ending 30th July 2011

Here are the puzzles from OneMint’s Facebook page this week. I couldn’t post last week because I was away Saturday, and didn’t get an opportunity on Sunday.

1. Simplicity can make your message powerful by carrying it far and clear. But, that was not one of the virtues of my beloved uncle. He told me the following one day:

Winged creatures with a shared identity tend to gravitate to those that have similar leanings.

I was baffled, but it’s apparently a very well known saying. What is the saying?

2. My friend asked, “Should I start my business in summer or autumn?”

“In school I asked you to join the boxing team, but not the wrestling team. Later, I suggested you learn the salsa, but not the ballet, and then I advised to you to become a surgeon but not a psychologist. Doesn’t that tell you what my advice now will be?”, I said.

In which season will he start his business?

3. “A rabbit petting zoo was a great idea!”, my friend said, “little school kids can take care of them, so overheads are really low.”

That was right, I looked at the area and saw only uniformed kids, and cute little rabbits.

“Look at all those ears”, I said – “I can count 120 of them.” “In that case, there must be a 100 more legs there.” said my friend.

How many rabbits, and kids were present there?

4. “Congratulations!”, said my father in law, “Your wife’s mother in law’s only son’s sister in law is going to go to the same college as you!”

Who was he talking about?

5. Can you guess the missing number? It is not part of a sequence, you have to visualize the answer a bit, and do one addition and a multiplication.

6. TIC TIC TIC is a sweet sound, but a pleasant sound is not what I heard when my friend stormed into the room with a newspaper in hand declaring this.

I’m going to send all these _ _ _ _TIC_ _ _ _ to the _ _ _ _ _ _TIC.

Can you fill in the blanks to tell me what he was saying?

About these

If you missed my earlier post about them, and are wondering what these are then I started writing some puzzles a couple of weeks ago, and since they are not big enough for a full post I publish one every day on OneMint’s Facebook page, and then try to publish a week’s worth on Sunday here. There are no prizes for correct guesses, just the pleasure of getting them right.

10 thoughts on “Puzzles for the week ending 30th July 2011”




    1. Your proverb is correct.

      The key to 2 is that I have advised him against words that have silent letters.

      Yes, you are right – 5 is 2.

    1. 1 & 3 are correct ;4 is close – it’s sister in law 🙂

      The 5th one is my favorite – you sum up the numbers on the right side, and multiply it with the number on top to get the two digits that form the number on the right.

      Like, (2+3) x 7 = 35; (4+2) x 3 = 18 and so on 🙂

    1. That’s what I was wondering too, and no email replies on these as well, else at least a few people simply hit the reply button and write a few lines on almost every post. Wonder why this one had such a low response. Any thoughts?

        1. Okay, that is slightly encouraging, I guess I’ll continue with this post for a two or three weeks more, and if there isn’t much response then will stop doing it. Thanks for your feedback!

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