Rupee lows, Tax Deductions and Jobs Lessons

The bad news today was the Rupee sliding to another all time low and The Hindu has a small article on the steps that the RBI is taking to halt this slide.

The RBI’s first step though is quite weird and I don’t think it does anything at all. Deepak Shenoy has a detailed post on why this is so.

Bemoneyaware has a great article on Chapter VI A of the Income Tax Act. This act contains the various deductions that you get like the 80C or the 80D deduction, and this is a great article to see all of that in one place.

Fred Wilson talks about the art of important work, of making a ruckus and of inventing the future

BBC has a short article on India unblocking The Pirate Bay.

All Things Digital has this great interview with Larry Ellison and Ed Catmull about the lessons that can be learned from Steve Jobs’s life and what makes this interview so fascinating is that the two of them constantly repeat that you just can’t become like Steve Jobs or just can’t copy him.

This is a great interview.


Finally, The Atlantic has this interesting article on why crowded coffee shops fire up your creativity.

Enjoy your weekend!

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