Hippos that fall from sky don’t need UID

Let’s start this week with a fascinating article from Slate that talks about our fears and what role evolution had to play in it. For most of our existence, we were prey and the article looks at how being at that position helped us evolve over millions of years.

By now you must have heard and read about the Nifty flash crash from last week, and Ajay Shah has a very thoughtful post on how to think about such situations. Should you lean towards trying to prevent such things in the future, if so at what cost or should you look at developing a financial system that’s resilient to such shocks.

National Post on Felix Baumgartner’s unbelievable dive from the edge of space. I felt this was a very good comprehensive article that covers a lot of ground about the jump.

Fred Wilson writes briefly about “public social” versus “dark social” and this is the first time I’ve heard the term and I thought it was a useful way of looking at things.

Business Standard has an article on the next steps for UID.

I’m a big Seinfeld fan so I really loved this video of Jerry and Kramer in Comedians in Cars getting Coffee.

The question that’s been on your mind all these days – do crocodiles prey hippos?

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