Mallya, Obama and Robbins

Deepak Shenoy writes a great post on the recent ruckus over Vijay Mallya donating gold, and furthers the discussion in a way that no one else has done so far.

If you were feeling outraged at Mallya’s donation, then you should definitely read this piece to get a grip on what the current situation is and I feel that this will also help you outrage at the right thing, if outrage you must.

Next up, the New Yorker has an excellent profile on Apollo Robbins who is what they term as a ‘theatrical pickpocket’, which is someone who picks pockets for show and you can liken it to a magician’s tricks. The profile is very well written, and to really get a feel of a what he does, watch this video where he demonstrates some of his tricks.

The Financial Times has a good article on seven great travel locations that have not been explored as much.

The Guardian has some superb pictures of Obama from the last year. I can’t help but think how no Indian politician can ever be featured like this – when it comes to Indian politicians – candid moments just don’t exist.

Alpha Ideas has a post on Goldman Sachs’ Indian portfolio. 

I didn’t know that Mexico was the richest country among the BRICS.

Finally, did you know that the Milky Way was home to 17 billion planets the same size as earth?

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  1. Regarding Mexico and BRICS, author just infomed that Mexico is richer “THAN” BRICS countries. He did not say “AMONG” BRICS countries. Mexico is not part of BRICS.

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