Weekend Links March 8 2014

I really enjoyed reading this article about how to get a job at Google? because I quite liked the five factors that Google is seeking in its prospective employees, and one way to look at it is to develop some of those skills in yourself regardless of whether you are seeking a job in Google or not.

This post by Scott Adams on what he learnt last year, was quite thought provoking, and I think it is worth your time to reflect on your 2013, and see what skills you developed in the last year, and that automatically lends itself to forward thinking on what you would like to achieve in this year.

Something a little lighter, can you hypnotize a chicken?  

A laudable effort to render the web for color blind people, and that too by a teenager.

An article on twin deficits, nothing new, but worth a reminder.

Another similar article on how budget deficits lead to reduced investment.

If you saw the Oscars, then you probably saw the number of selfies that Ellen DeGeneres took, and probably even wondered whether it was Samsung’s idea or her own. This great WSJ article gives the answer.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Hi Manshu,

    Just wanted to thank you for sharing these weekend links… I love to read what all articles are there in it.


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