3D Printed House Drinks Water After a Workout

Regular readers know my fascination with 3D printing, so you can guess how amazed and fascinated I was when I read that a Chinese company has actually 3D printed a house!

It is quite incredible, and my first reaction was skepticism, however they really have printed a house, well, almost. The house needed assembly, but I wouldn’t say it is wildly inaccurate to say that this is the first 3D printed house. Article here.  

Equally interesting was this article that explains a little bit about why we feel good after a workout. The answer was really quite surprising.

MIT has come up with a great instrument (not yet fully built) that lets the blind “read” text.

The high speed trains are coming, well maybe not.

Everyone who owns a LIC policy will be glad to hear that they made Rs. 10,000 crores in the recent rally. 

I think everyone understands the answer to this intuitively but I must urge you to read and reflect on this article and then think about your spending habits. How long does it take to save a month’s expenses? 

Finally, you know you need water, but do you know why?

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