Weekend Links: July 4th 2014

I was quite amazed to first learn that a footballer can run as much as 10 kms in the course of a game, and this new stat that they often show during the current world cup is fascinating. My first impression was that the players wear some kind of a GPS which tracks the distance, and while this is one way of doing it, it isn’t the only one. A simple and fascinating explanation of how this is measured. 

Even more fascinating was this news item about BMW 3-D printing augmented thumbs for their factory workers! 

Chinese invented a lot, fireworks amongst one of those – 14 fun facts about fireworks.

Hangovers, what to do about them?

Google’s interesting technique to keep meetings productive.

If you haven’t already read about Facebook’s experiments to manipulate user’s emotions, read it now.

Finally, a very good explanation on the goods and service tax.

Have a good weekend!


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