Early weekend links – April 9 2015

I read a lot of different interesting things this week so even though I’m traveling tonight, I thought a weekend links post is in order.

First up, a very interesting article and 12 minute video about a certain invasive python species in Florida. Invasive species are a species of animals not native to a particular place, and this article focuses on the Burmese Python which is not native to Florida but is a big menace there now.

I was not surprised to see that the Chinese have invented a hydrogen powered tram and it is apparently doing quite well.

This was a totally new subject for me in the sense that I thought that gene edited babies were still many many decades away, and is mostly the work of fiction, but apparently not.

This can give you a laugh, or annoy and scare you to hell if you have kids who love Mountain Dew, but a man sued Pepsico saying he found a rat inside his Mountain Dew, and Pepsico won the case saying the rat would have disintegrated into a jelly like thing inside the can between the date of manufacture and the date of sale.

Police in Lucknow have procured drones to pepper spray people to control crowds. They are obviously thrilled.

Nice article on the utility of reading philosophy. Why I teach Plato to plumbers?

Finally, something for Game of Thrones fans.

Enjoy your weekend!

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