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That is all I ask.

If your comment is disrespectful to others – I will delete it. No name calling, profanity or rudeness is allowed here.

If you look at the comment threads here you will notice intelligent questions, and sincere responses, and the entire community benefits from this, so please take advantage of the intelligent discussions, and keep all threads positive.

A few other things.

Comments are from regular people like you

The comments here are from people like you who are sharing their experience and opinions on financial matters. Like me, they are not finance professionals, so keep that in mind when you act upon advice from any commenter.

What is comment moderation?

Comment moderation means that comments of new readers don’t get published automatically.

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Usually this doesn’t take more than a few hours.

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Comments from Agents

Sometimes agents leave comments on posts giving out their numbers, and letting people know that they can help them in getting an IPO or mutual fund or something of that sort.

Please keep in mind that these are independent agents, and have nothing to do with OneMint. I’ve personally never spoken to any of these people, and can’t vouch for any of them.

If possible, please use the magic words – thank you!