iShares Dow Jones EPAC Select Dividend Index: IDV

iShares Dow Jones EPAC Select Dividend Index (IDV) is a relatively smaller ETF with just $47.26 million of assets under management. As the name suggests it tracks an index that is based on high dividend yield stocks. It is invested in stocks that are outside US and are primarily present in Australia, UK and Hong – Kong.

The EPAC in the name stands for Europe, Pacific, Asia and Canada. This index tracks high – dividend yield stocks in the developed world excluding US.

This means that the iShares IDV ETF holds stocks in currencies other than the USD and the investors do face currency risks along with the other usual risks while investing in equities.

The iShares IDV ETF is a passive investment vehicle, which means that it aims to track the performance of the underlying index by staying invested in its stocks.

The iShares IDV Dow Jones ETF has an expense ratio of 0.50%. It holds 98 stocks and has a P/E ratio of 8.58.

The fund has returned -39.23% since inception and the reason for that is the index is heavily weighted towards financials.

Here is a look at the top holdings of iShares IDV Dow Jones ETF:

Sector Breakup

Financials: 27.67%

Industrials: 19.15%

Consumer Services: 15.96%

Basic Materials: 9.93%

Oil & Gas: 9.87%

Telecommunications: 4.43%

Consumer Goods: 4.19%

Utilities: 4.10%

Technology: 3.68%

S-T Securities: 0.04%

Among the sectors, here is a list of the top stock holdings.

Top Stock Holdings

Commonwealth Bank of Australia: 4.26%

Vtech Holdings Ltd: 3.47%

Incitec Pivot Ltd: 3.27%

Providential Financial Plc: 3.18%

Wesfarmers Ltd: 3.04%

ENI SPA: 2.82%

PPR: 2.67%

Westpac Banking Group: 2.17%

Close Brothers PLC: 2.08%

Holdings by Country

Australia: 29.90%

United Kingdom: 14.64%

Hong Kong: 10.33%

Finland: 7.99%

Singapore: 6.40%

France: 6.37%

Italy: 6.14%

Source: iShares Fact Sheet