Target Gift Card Review

Target gift cards are a popular choice for people looking for gift cards because Target stores have it all, including everything from men’s clothing, women’s clothing and kids apparel to toys, electronics, and even groceries at many locations.

Target is truly a one stop shopping center, where you can find a new outfit, pick up a bestselling book (and the movie adaptation on DVD!), and get some milk for home all in one trip.  Furthermore, Target’s prices on great brands makes their stores very popular among shoppers of all ages and types.  Target’s website provides a huge selection as well, with all of the convenience of online shopping.  So, as you can tell, a Target gift card will really enable the recipient to pick out anything that suits them.

How to buy a Target Gift Card?

You can buy Target gift cards either at the stores that are located just about everywhere imaginable, or from, if you prefer the convenience of online shopping.  Furthermore, gift cards are redeemable at any Target store or the Target website, too, which is very helpful for those who sometimes like to shop online, but also like to look at items up close and in person.

Target Gift Card Denomination

There are a wide variety of denominations you can buy the gift cards in, from $10 all the way up to $1,000 in set amounts that are available at Target.  Meanwhile, if you go to a Target store to buy a gift card, you can select your own denomination between $5 and $2,000, assuring that you spend just the amount that you wanted to.

You may have heard of some drawbacks of many gift cards, which can expire over time, or have fees if you hold onto them too long.  However, Target’s gift cards never expire and have no fees whatsoever, so you won’t have to worry about such factors at all.

You can also reload money onto a Target gift card at any Target store, so that you can keep your gift card and continue using it as long as you want!  And you will probably want to, as there are an innumerable amount of designs for all occasions available, including birthdays, holidays, weddings, graduations and even just to say “thank you”!

Shipping Charges

Shipping on gift cards bought online is very affordable, at just $1.95.  If you prefer, though, you can send an “e-Gift Card”, which will arrive in the recipients e-mail promptly and allow them to spend the amount gifted at quickly and easily, without having to print anything out or wait to receive a physical card!  These versions of Target gift cards are available in fully personalized denominations from $5 to $5,000.  If you prefer a physical card, it is easy to include some personalized sentiments to that special person, as you can quickly include a short note to the gift recipient that will be included with the card in the mail.

Of course, even though it is called a “gift card”, Target’s cards are perfect for many uses.  The features and versatility of Target gift cards make them great not just for gifts, but also for prizes, rewards and incentives for companies, schools, clubs, church groups and more.

When you just aren’t sure what to get someone, you definitely do not want to end up getting the wrong gift.  Instead, a Target gift card really gives someone the chance to take some time to go on a little shopping spree whenever the feeling strikes them.  With the ability to personalize the cards with extra notes or by picking from a large variety of designs, you can find the perfect Target gift card for any occasion, and it is guaranteed that the gift recipient will find something they will love.