Disney Rewards Visa Credit Card

I recently came across Disney Rewards Visa Card while browsing Chase’s website. It is a credit card that is specifically designed for giving returns related to Disney merchandise and parks.

Disney Visa Card lets you earn 1 Disney Dream Reward Dollar for every 100 dollars you spend. 1 Disney Dream Reward Dollar has a $1 value.

To earn the reward dollars, you need to spend money on purchases, and money that goes towards interest, fees, cash advances and such is not counted while calculating reward points.

To redeem the points, you need to transfer your points to a Disney Rewards Redemption card. Here are a few important points on how this card works.

  1. Minimum points needed to request the redemption card: You should have at least 20 Dream Reward Dollars to order the redemption card. As soon as you have that many, you can log into your account or call them up to send your redemption card. It takes 2 – 3 weeks for your card to reach, so you should keep that in mind while planning the use of these points. Alternately, you can make arrangements to pick up your card in select Disney locations.
  2. Expiry Date: This redemption card has an expiry date printed on it, and any points that are left on the card after the expiry date are completely lost.
  3. If you lose the card: Anyone who has this card can use it, so if you lose the card call up Chase and cancel the card. If points are used before you can report the theft of the card, you won’t be able to recover them.

Apart from the points and rewards mentioned above, there are certain other perks and benefits of a Disney Visa Credit Card. Here are the major rewards or perks of this card:

  1. Character Meet N Greet Photo Opportunity: This is the most unique benefit of having this card. It gives you an opportunity to meet and get your photo taken with a Disney character in Walt Disney Resort, Florida and Disneyland Resort, California.
  2. 10% off merchandise: You get 10% off your purchases, if you buy a minimum of 50 dollars worth of merchandise at select Walt Disney World locations. Here is a link to the PDF that contains all the details.
  3. 20% off Tours: There are certain tours like Epcot’s Divequest, on which you get 20% off. The PDF (same as the earlier link) contains all the details.
  4. 10% off at Dining Locations: You will get 10% off at certain dining locations in the Disneyland Resort in California. (Details in the PDF link above)
  5. Stroller Rental Discounts: You will get 50% off stroller rentals at Disneyland California.   
  6. $50 Onboard Credit on Disney Cruise: You get $50 credit during your Disney cruise if you book with your card and ask for booking code – DCC.
  7. 0% APR Vacation Financing: There is 0% APR for six months if you book certain vacation packages and cruises through your Disney Visa card.

Now the fun part, here is an overview of the pricing and fees of the Disney Visa card.  This is not an inclusive list, and only contains some of the charges.

  1. APR: 0% APR for the first six billing cycles. After that 13.24% or 16.24% variable based on your credit history.
  2. Cash Advance APR: 19.24% variable.
  3. Overdraft advance APR: 13.99% fixed.
  4. Late Payment Fee: $15.00 if the balance is up $250, and $39 if the balance is over $250.
  5. Over the limit credit fee: $29.00

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