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A lot of you reply to the daily emails with suggestions for posts, and I really appreciate that because it gives me post ideas, and I can write about stuff that is most relevant to you.

Normally, I take the gist of your suggestion; create a title of the post, and note it down on a virtual sticky note. But, the issue with this is that it is easy enough to miss an email, and sometimes the titles on the sticky notes don’t make any sense to me when I look at them later on.

So, I am creating a page here that is specifically for your suggestions for posts. You can leave a comment here suggesting an idea for a post, and if I know enough about the topic I will write about it.

That way we won’t lose track of anything you say, and if multiple people suggest the same topic for a post then I know that it should be written prior to moving on to other things.

Thanks for reading – and writing!

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  1. Hi Manshu,
    Not sure if you have covered the topic of Top-Up medical insurance policies. If not can you write a topic on that? Insurance companies which I know of which offer these plans are Bajaj Allianz (Extra Care), United India (Top & Super Top-up) & Star Health (Super Surplus).

    1. Above all thanks for the wonderful topics which you have been posting. These have been pretty useful.

    2. Hi Monty,

      I don’t know a lot about insurance so I don’t know if I’ll be able to cover this in depth or not, but I’ll surely try to write an article that touches on the basic aspects, and will try to find links of articles that others may have written.

  2. Manshu, not sure if this topic has been discussed before on your boards or elsewhere, but I am curious to know if there is an “online” way to buy fixed deposits offered by corporate entities like Mahindra, Bharti, Sundaram, et al. This could be either via my bank’s website or my investment/trading portal.


  3. Please arrange to provide a write on recently launched “Jivan Arogya” policy by LIC Of India.How it is different from mediclaim poilcy provided by other GIC.

  4. Hi Manshu,

    I just read something about IFCI bonds which are currently open . I have never invested in bonds before . would it not be wise to give a small review on these bonds and how they fare compared to the traditional fixed deposits?

  5. First of all, let me tell you – You are doing an excellent job. Your blogs are really useful and have interesting material.

    I know you wrote about SBI Bonds few months back, now we have IFCI bonds. How about an article on IFCI bonds?

    Parva Thakkar

  6. Hi Manshu,
    I was wondering when would it be a case where opting for Home loan instead of upfront payment( providied you have the cash) be beneficial. I came across a decent post here
    But all sorts of comments broke in factoring various angles. i am not sure if you have done a post before on this but thought it would be great to have your perspective on it.

    1. Hi Jinu,

      I feel uncomfortable on commenting on something written on that post, and that is best left to Manish. I have never given thought to this subject so I’m unable to say anything right now. I’ll try to write a post on this but it might take a long time.

  7. With your latest topic on fixed deposit, i think you could follow it up with giving a nice introduction on corporate fixed deposits. I always thought of invested in the ones with rates as high as 12-13% but was not sure how it compares to bank fixed deposit.

  8. Hi Manshu, I had a question about real estate. Did not see a particular section to post it in so asking here. Recently, read that as interest rates keep going up, it will have a dampening effect on real estate sector, leading to a decrease in prices; would take 6 months or more to play out. Is this always the case cyclically, or historically? Also, because the RBI has hinted at a further point increase in the interest rates, there are outstanding builder loans too. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sudha,

      No it’s not cyclical, meaning real estate prices don’t drop every time there is a hike. People are probably saying this now because as interest rates go up the ability of households to take loans diminish (EMIs increase), and a lot of real estate developers are quite leveraged as well. These are opinions, and may or may not come true. Property prices have heated up quite a bit in India, so I won’t be surprised if this does turn out to be true, but I wouldn’t say this is generally true.

      I hope I understood your question correctly, and answered it accordingly?

        1. It appears quite similar to the US experience where property prices just kept going one way until it stopped and everything collapsed. I don’t know if we will have such a collapse in India or not, but I think a lot of people who think property prices can never fall are in for a rude shock.

  9. ETF Options are widely traded in US markets. Would like to know ur take on their introduction in Indian markets? which etfs should they b introduced on?? Thanx..

  10. Hi, i really liked your blog and i feel u really know your game. For long i have been looking at Technical analysis but never followed it. Can you write an article about it and tell us whether has someone actually made money from it?

    1. Hi Sumit – I think this topic came up for suggestions earlier as well, but I have absolutely no knowledge of trading so I won’t be able to write on that topic.

  11. Hi,

    As a normal investor who primarily wants to invest in Mutual Funds, we dont have any proper data which can give comparitive analysis of say Top Funds from each Major Fun House like HDFC, ICICI, Reliance, IDFC, Birla, Sundaram, Tata, DSP …..

    Instead of diverisfying within a fund house, we can target for top 1 or 2 funds from all major fund house, that will provide good safety and good growth in long term considering dynamic market and even movements of top fund managers across companies.

    If we get details to levels like this for Small-Mid cap which fund is good, for large which one and so on…

    SIP based on this one whihc covers all category stocks with top funds from different fund house.

    Can we gather this data with your expert comments?


    1. What I would do is look for some good funds in a few categories like small cap, large cap, balanced, debt etc. and then mix them up so that they are from different sponsors.

      I already have a list for best ELSS, gold, balanced, and I think large cap funds as well – you may check them out.

  12. Hi Manshu,
    Thanks for your website. It is indeed a great effort on your part to share your financial knowledge with all. Too few do that.
    I would like to know about the concept of special days FDs floated by banks (e.g. 555 days, 999 days etc). What is so special about these days? Why not a FD of 554 or 556 would give same interest?
    Do write about this at your convinience and thanks once again.

    1. Hi Vinayak,

      Thank you for your comments – I’m afraid I’m not aware of why this happens. I’ve sent out a note to someone who I think may know about it and I will post a response here if I find out.

  13. Manshu
    can you write a post about how can one claim Dividend Yields for the stocks they hold and which are the stocks in the NSE with the highest divident yields….


  14. Hi Manshu,
    How about a post on the New IPO’s / FPOs on offer incl. PFC & other forthcoming ones?

    1. Thanks for the suggestion – PFC is too late now, but will look at other IPOs – esp. disinvestment candidates for sure. I used to write about those but the performance of most IPOs has been so bad that I’ve not given them much attention lately.

  15. Please arrange to provide some article on Superannuation scheme. What will be the impact of superannuation investment in DTC system

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