Comprising of more than US $680 billion in assets under management globally DWS Scudder is the retail brand name in the U.S. of Deutsche Asset Management a global asset management division of the Deutsche Bank. DWS Scudder offers a comprehensive and diverse range of products. The company’s products include variable annuities, defined contribution retirement plans, alternative investments, individual retirement accounts (IRAs), and retail mutual funds. The company’s services are provided to large corporations, financial institutions, government and foundations and individual investors. 

These comprehensive products are available to the investor through financial intermediaries, retirement plans and wrap programs with a strong commitment from DWS Scudder towards superior performance, innovations and leadership in intellectual capital. 


DWS Health Care Fund: by investing at least 80% of total assets in common stocks of companies in the health care sector, the fund seeks long-term growth of capital. The companies in whose stocks are to be invested in should have half of their assets or derive at least half of their revenue from that sector (health care). Such industries include medical products and supplies, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology etc. The securities, the fund primarily invests in is of U.S. companies though, some foreign companies will be considered as well. 


Investors can benefit potentially from a combination of DWS funds. DWS has introduced its DWS Core Plus Allocation Fund; a combination of DWS mutual funds which, seeks to enhance long-term returns while managing the risk through intellectual asset allocation that responds to trends in the global markets. The fund consists of DWS Dreman Small Cap Value Fund, DWS Dreman High Return Equity Fund, DWS Core Fixed Income Fund, DWS Global Thematic Fund and DWS Capital Growth Fund. Managed by Deutsche Asset Management Quantitative Strategies the fund is led by portfolio managers Robert Wang and Inna Okounkova. 


DWS Capital Growth Fund: this is a large growth category of investment fund having a below average risk associated with it. This fund earns 3 stars under the MorningStar Rating Methodology and has generated average returns but has been less volatile as compared to most of its peers. For a large growth fund the asset allocation of the fund is fairly standard with 96.11% in U.S. stocks and the balance in foreign stocks (2.99) 


DWS Scudder, a division of deutsche Asset Management launched two new open end mutual funds; DWS international Value Opportunities Fund – this fund invests in large-cap international equities which, focus on value stocks sporting a stable record of profitability. The fund investment seeks long-term capital appreciation, current income being secondary. 80% of the fund’s assets are for investment in stocks and other securities of companies in developed countries. 20% of its assets may be invested in cash equivalents, fixed income securities and U.S. stocks. This fund may also invest a portion of its assets in the emerging markets of the Middle East, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia. 

DWS RREEF Global Real Estate Securities Fund – this fund invests in international and domestic equity securities of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and those companies engaged in the real estate industry, laying emphasis on stock appreciation and having a record of paying out dividends. The fund portfolio is managed by RREEF America LLC, leading managers for both private and public real estate. 

To learn more about DWS mutual funds go to: http://www.dws-scudder.com/t/index.jhtml?content=/t/about/index.jhtml 





  1. Angus

    I wonder if you were able to gain any information on IDEX II. I am trying to trace information concerning some holdings I had in that fund back in the early 90’s but haven’t had much luck. If you have been able to sort anything out, I would be interested in finding out who it was that was able to assist you. Thanks! Jeff

  2. I have owned a mutual fund IDEX II since the 90’s. I’m having trouble establisjing the basis. In June 1995 I received 8.647 shares for a reason I can’t find. The fund changed names a couple of times – Scudder – DWS etc. Then at some point in 2001 it became ITQAX. I went from owning 355 shares of IDEX to 1393 shares of ITQAX somewhere along the line. Can you help me sort this out. When did name changes take place, and did any mergers happen??

    Angus Jones

    1. What is the stock market ticker symbols for DWS Scudder mutual funds Captal Growth and Global/Thematic?
      DWS Scudder was AARP before the change of name listing

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