Established in 1951 with its headquarters in New York City, Dreyfus Corporation is one of the nations top mutual fund companies managing over $190 billion spread under more then 200 mutual fund portfolios nationwide. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mellon Financial Corporation, a global financial services company.
The Dreyfus lion has come to symbolize for many investors trust, quality and integrity. Being a part of Mellon Financial Corporation, of the world’s largest asset managers and having access to the resources and expertise of world class investment managers, Dreyfus Corporation provides a wide range of quality investment operations that include load and no-load mutual funds, retirement products, separate account portfolios and cash management tools.
Dreyfus Mutual Funds offer the investor a complete line-up of equity, bonds and money market funds, in order to round off almost any type of asset allocation plan and also help diversify any portfolio.
Dreyfus Mutual Funds seek to provide capital growth and in order to pursue these goals, the fund primarily invests in the common stock of those companies in the opinion of the funds manager meets the investment standards of the company and also conduct their businesses in a manner such that it contributes to the enhancement of the quality of life in America. The fund’s investment strategy of Dreyfus combines a disciplined investment process, fundamental analysis and risk management along with social investment process.
Dreyfus Money Market Funds are taxable and tax-exempt and they include retail funds, cash management funds, general funds and institutional funds. All these funds invest in short-term securities seeking a high current income, favoring stability over growth.
The Dreyfus Retail Money Market Fund is a comprehensive line-up of taxable and tax exempt market funds that are offered directly to retail consumers.
Cash Management Funds: these are high quality money market mutual funds customized specifically for institutional investors; help satisfy those seeking a high level of current income, having liquidity and convenience.
General Money Market Funds: these high-quality money market mutual funds were developed for both institutions and retail consumers in order to help meet a growing need for conservative money market funds.
Institutional Money Market Funds: these were developed specifically for both institutional as well as retail clients in order to help meet the investor’s need for a conservative programme.
Dreyfus Premier Family Funds is a comprehensive line-up of equity and bonds that are primarily available through investment professionals. The equity funds invest chiefly in common stocks (small, mid or large cap companies, domestic or globally). Bond funds on the other hand are generally seeking high current income and invest in the debt obligation issued by municipalities, corporations or the U.S. Government. They differ in maturities and credit ratings thereby affecting the risk/reward potential of a fund.
According to The Street.com Ratings’ recently released mutual fund family survey Dreyfus Corporation has been rated third among the fund families (more than 10,000 equity and balanced mutual funds were ranked by the survey and it awarded its highest A+ rating to individual funds having the best record for maximizing performance while minimizing risk). Of the top 200 slots, Dreyfus funds won 11 beating all but two competitors. Dreyfus exhibited particularly strength in the international markets, with a 14th ranking over all and an A+ rating for Dreyfus Premier International Small Cap fund (R).  Dreyfus Premier International Small Cap fund (all Classes) were ranked in the top 25. However, this fund is presently closed to new investors. To learn more about the company and its various mutual funds go to: http://www.dreyfus.com/content/dr/control?Content=/docs/mfc/dreyfus-funds/index.jsp

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