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Disciplined investing, client focus, powerful resources and proprietary research are the driving force behind Columbia Management, one of the world’s largest and experienced investment companies. A primary investment management division of Bank of America Corporation, Columbia Management is an embodiment of diverse investment strategies, effective solutions and a trusted partnership with clients all of which are required for successful investment management.
Few investors have the resources or the time required to keep a constant watch on their investments and market fluctuations. Columbia Management mutual funds put a team of full-time professional money managers at the investor’s service. Based on their extensive ongoing research of the economy, the markets and the individual stocks and bonds, the managers make decisions for investment.
Columbia Management’s wide variety of investments has something to choose from for every type of investor. With over 80 individual mutual funds that cover nearly every investment category such as growth, income, international etc.
Columbia’s Life Goal Portfolios (comprising of four) is a complete and diversified choice for investment comprising of carefully selected mutual fund. For investors not averse to taking on high risk in exchange for a long-term growth potential and with a long investment time horizon then, Columbia LifeGoal Growth Portfolio.
Columbia Acorn Z (ACRNX): according to MorningStar’s rating methodology this fund earns 5 stars which, translates into excellently generated returns from the fund when compared to other funds in the same category (mid-cap growth). The risk associated with this fund is below average and has an expense ratio percentage of 0.74. Being less volatile than most of its peers, has helped the fund perform with excellent returns. Over a five year period the fund has an outstanding performance being ranked 1st in its category.  The focus is on five year returns as longer records have a better predictive power than shorter records. Most of the funds’ holdings are in the service sector (52.07%), manufacturing (30.12%) and the balance in information (17.81%). The asset allocation for the fund is chiefly in U.S. stocks (80.60%) the rest being in foreign stocks (13.06) and cash (5.64).
Columbia Strategic Investor Z (CSVFX): when compared to other funds in the same category (mid-cap blend) this fund has generated above-average returns considering the risk it has taken on (below average). Therefore, this fund has been less volatile than most others in the same category. It has earned a 4 star rating under the MorningStar’s rating methodology. Asset allocation of this fund is mainly in domestic stocks (U.S. stocks 79.30%) and the balance in foreign stock (19.78%) and cash (0.91%). Being a domestic equity fund it has a substantial exposure to foreign stocks. This fact should be carefully considered while structuring your portfolio in order to make sure you don’t have too much foreign exposure than you want. For more information on mutual funds from Columbia Management go to:
Investing for future goals like retirement is made simpler with Target date funds. These target date funds are managed to a specific year in the future and can be a well diversified portfolio of stock funds, bond funds and also cash. Using an aggressive asset allocation of funds for target dates well into the future and a more conservative asset allocation for dates close to retirement date, portfolio managers adjust the mix of investments. To learn more on this go to:

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