Interesting Reads – 28th Feb

This week I tried out Vilkri’s Budget Planner, which I thought was really good. I have never used a Budget Planner before so I don’t have anything for comparison, but this is certainly much better than the excel sheets I used to maintain. The primary problem with those excel sheets was that I used to lose them too often and get mixed up in multiple copies.

An online Planner will not have the same kind of problems, which brings me to the next topic of interest this week – Cloud Computing. The Intelligent Speculator has a good read about Cloud Computing, which is where I think the IT Industry is headed.

Other Interesting Reads this week:

1.  Your Retirement Savings Account: How To Avoid Tax Problems: This article has very practical and actionable tips on avoiding tax problems with respect to your retirement savings.

2. No Stimulus Check This Year – Pay Yourself First Instead by Cash Money Life: Patrick has got a series of articles on the Stimulus. Be sure to check these out (there will be a section on the right side), I don’t think anyone else has covered the stimulus in as much detail as he has.

3. The Stress of Having a Supersized Lifestyle by MoneyNing: MoneyNing gives a good example from his personal life and explains the pitfalls of having a supersized lifestyle.

4. How To Deal With a Job Loss by Moolanomy: The title says it all on this one.

5. Find Investment Opportunities in Any Business Market Environment by The Digerati Life: SVB lays out what is essentially a road map on how to deal with the current situation and at the same time prepare for times when the situation improves.

6. 20 All Time Favorite Investment Books by The Dividend Guy: This list has a got a good mix of books that will help anyone understand investments better and increase their ROI.

7. Should You Sell Your Gold or Collectibles by DDFD: With gold at all time highs – people are rushing to buy into it. Therefore it is good to stop and ask yourself this question.

8. Brokerages with Free Stock Trading by Investing School: This is a good list of brokerages that allow you free trades.

9. Understanding AGI by M is For Money: This post explains what Adjusted Gross Income means.

10. The Customer Centric Culture by MasterYourCard: Kristy talks about different people being treated differently by businesses because of the money that they are likely to spend.

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3 thoughts on “Interesting Reads – 28th Feb”

  1. The stimulus has brought a lot of questions to my site – there is a lot of misinformation out there, so I try to cover each element of the stimulus to give visitors a better understanding. Thanks for the mention. 🙂

    Oh, and check out my new theme – the stimulus info you referenced is still on the right sidebar, but the rest of hte theme got a face lift. 🙂

    1. The content on stimulus on your site is really great Patrick. I am not surprised that you get a lot of questions on it.

      The new theme looks cool on your site. Good job.

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