Upcoming Interview: TIE from The Finance Buff

The Finance Buff is an economics, investing and finance blog that I enjoy reading quite a bit. The posts are involved and in depth, and are generally quite insightful.

There are two authors on The Finance Buff — The Incidental Economist (TIE) and The Finance Buff (TFB).  I am happy to announce that we will host an interview with TIE tomorrow.

A little bit from his About:

I’m a health economist with an educational background in physics and engineering. After receiving my Ph.D. in statistical and applied mathematics I decided to apply my skills to an area relevant to policy. On my first job I spent four years at a research and consulting firm conducting policy evaluations for federal and state health agencies. I now have a joint appointment at a major research university and a federal government department, and I study economic issues pertaining US health care policy.

Given his expertise and experience, I thought it was best to ask him a few questions on healthcare and get his perspective on some current healthcare issues. The answers were quite insightful and I learned quite a bit from them. The interview will be up tomorrow, so do come back for it.

Here are two of my favorite posts from The Finance Buff. You can subscribe to their feed here.

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