Interesting Reads 4th of July

Happy 4th of July everyone. I hope all of you are enjoying a nice holiday and are away from your computers and laptops. But, if you are in the mood to read, here are a few good stories I found this week:

The crazy story of Hernan Arzibu @ Felix Salmon (IMO this one is a must read)

The case for and against Keynes and Spending   @Weakonomics

Neutralizing risk when trading options @ Options for Rookies

Not settling for mediocrity @ Moneyning

Our family budget contained too many unnecessary expenses @ Vilkri

Is the economic downturn over @ Silicon Valley Blogger

Reading Krugman @ TIE

Statistics and Baseball for Beginners @ Baselinescenario


Carnival of Investing Strategies Returns at the Penny Daily

Money Hacks Carnival Canada Day Edition

Carnival of Everything about Personal Finance

3 thoughts on “Interesting Reads 4th of July”

    1. Its a cool site that you should check out. it takes a bit of time to sit down and absorb the stuff there though. Not really all that rookiesh 🙂

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