I am a PC and I Kindle: Kindle PC

Ever since I started using the iPhone Kindle app, I have become a big fan of it. So, I was really excited to see that Amazon has released a Kindle for PC also!

Now, you can download Kindle for free on your PC. I downloaded the PC Kindle during the weekend, and have used it for a few hours since then. It’s a really cool thing to have, and I suggest you get it too. It’s free and as I stated earlier, a lot of good books on the Kindle are free too. The only thing to keep in mind is if you are outside US, then the free books will still cost you 2 dollars because Amazon charges a roaming fee for international downloads.

The PC Kindle will sync with the Kindle books that you already own, and will maintain your furthest read page; it also shows you annotations you made with other devices, but doesn’t allow you to create annotations on the PC.

Other Limitations

It doesn’t let you read newspapers, magazines or blogs, and is currently restricted to just books.

Amazon says that future releases will include the following things:

  1. Ability to create notes and highlights
  2. Search feature
  3. Ability to rotate and zoom an image

Percentage Completed

The one thing I noticed about the PC Kindle was that it showed a percentage completed on the screen. I opened up Myth of the Rational Market, and it showed 42%, which meant that I had read 42% of the book. This feature is not present in the iPhone Kindle, and I think I am going to open up Kindle books on PC, just to see how far along I am. My other work around of computing percentage completed in my head for the iPhone Kindle is not working too well.

Other Resources

Here is an article I found that has tips on finding free books on Kindle for PC. I think it is a useful little article that you should read if you get the PC Kindle.

Amazon also states that they are going to release a Kindle for Mac and Blackberry soon, so that’s good news for Mac and Blackberry users too.

4 thoughts on “I am a PC and I Kindle: Kindle PC”

  1. I’m really surprised and impressed by how well the Kindle is boosting Amazon’s business. When they first released it, I didn’t think it was going anywhere, but this past October, Amazon reported a 68% boost in third quarter earnings and the Kindle was their top seller. I think the integration with the iPhone and other mobile devices will also help boost their sales, and tap into the wallets of people (like me) that don’t want to buy a separate device just to read eBooks.

    1. In the long run, I think integration with PC, iPhone and other devices will benefit them a lot. Having used the Kindle on a phone and PC let me know what a great product it was without having spent a dime on it. Although I don’t feel the need to own a Kindle right now, I think it is very likely that I will get it some day in the near future.

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