Interesting Reads 5th December 2009

Tony had a LOL funny comment on my post about garlic bubbles this week, and that really made my day. There was another more serious comment about any ETFs that really do track garlic, and that left me thinking for a few moments.

I also got encouraging feedback on my post on debates which is really different from what I normally do, and that too — made my day. As you can imagine, I had a good week.

On to this week’s interesting reads:

Buffett and Geithner @ Baseline Scenario

Blue Star Limited: Stock Analysis for Long Term @ Tip Blog

Never a good sign @ Baseline Scenario

Powerful internet marketing for small businesses @ DR

How to be a great client @ Seth Godin

The biggest nuisance on Facebook – Photo Tags @ Digital Inspiration

Dubai’s great crash @ Ajay Shah

0% Interest Credit Cards @ The Digerati Life

Balance transfer credit cards @ The Smarter Wallet

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