My predictions for 2010

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I have successfully stayed away from reading any 2010 predictions of so far, but there are just too many to stay away from forever. So, I decided that instead of wasting my time on reading predictions, — I will waste my time on making them.

So here are my top five predictions for 2010.

1. Your postman is going to give you a stock tip soon: I have been hearing the phrase “cautiously optimistic” a lot lately, and I know it doesn’t take long to get rid of the “cautious”. After that it’s only a short time from when everyone jumps on the stock market bandwagon. I think you will get at least one stock tip from your postman in 2010.

2. You will buy at least one financial product you don’t understand this year: Good I came up with this, — I am going to use this every year.

3. Who lets these idiots appear on TV? You will say this phrase several times during 2010, and you will be watching CNBC or any other business network with stock market gurus on most of those occasions.

4. There will be several ETFs launched in 2010: A lot of new ETFs will be launched in 2010, most of them will be completely useless, but that won’t stop people from buying them.  There won’t be many people questioning the need for such funds because that doesn’t do anybody any good, and a lot of these will shut shop when the next crisis happens. (Yes, it will happen)

5. You will only remember those 2010 predictions that match with your own views (apart from this one): You have likely read several predictions about 2010, but I bet you will remember only those that match closely with your own views. The others you just ignore. You will remember this one, because as soon as you read it, — you spent some time thinking to yourself – I don’t do that.

So, there goes, my top non predictions for 2010, do you have any predictions for the next year? Leave a comment below.

4 thoughts on “My predictions for 2010”

  1. Ok, how about three:

    1) Large Cap Growth companies will be among top gainers, if not the top one, for stock investments
    2) New bubble will start as interest rates stay low. Likely candidates: collectibles (e.g. art, antiques, memorabilia, etc.), emerging markets, and commodities.
    3) High inflation will happen, despite claims that high unemployment will keep inflation low. The U.S. has too much debt.

    Of course, I’m just speculating. But I think there is a reasonable probability for the events to occur.

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