Buffet gains, Brazil overheating and unemployment

I start this week’s link edition by highlighting another links post by Bad Money Advice. This is not the first time I am doing this, and you only have to go through his post to understand why.

Among other interesting stuff – WSJ talks about how Buffet’s gains beat every mutual fund for the past 45 years. Out of the two closest mutual funds, one was run by Peter Lynch for a long period of time, and that was part of the reason why it did so well.

Business Week reports how Brazil is worried about over-heating. If you were thinking about investing in Brazil, then this article is definitely worth a read for you.

The Weakonomics writes about putting the unemployed to work.

The Digerati Life talks about filing a consumer complaint with the FTC.

Jago Investor has a primer on floating rate mutual funds.

Tip Blog has the sequel to his exchange about investments with an ex-colleague.

Happy reading and have a good weekend.

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