Weekend links Labor Day 2010

To me the biggest story today was Warren Buffet coming out in strong support of Goldman Sachs, and Lloyd Blankfein too. I don’t know if his support will make any difference to the SEC case, but it should help the GS stock a bit.

While we are on the subject, let me share this video where Bill Clinton talks a little about this issue at a macro level. It is about 5 minutes, and very well worth your time.

On to something more actionable now – I found this useful article at Digital Inspiration about keyboard shortcuts for the iPhone, and I have been using #2 and 10 a lot since I discovered it.

Barry Ritholtz takes a look at the big picture. This is one of the best macro overviews I have read for some time.

The Digerati Life shares tips for easy credit card management. I feel that using credit cards simplify life a great deal, and instead of trying to run away fro them, we should try to master their use.

Here is another related post from the Smarter Wallet about paying down credit card balance

What trust brings to Amazon, Zappos and USAA: Very interesting article on Harvard Business Review that talks about how good things happen to companies that trust their customers.

SEBI has released a guide to understanding IPOs, and I think this is a good start for investors interested in IPOs. Don’t expect too much insight, but as I said – it is a good start.

Let me end this post with this awesome joke I found at FT Alphaville.

Heaven is a place where the police are English; the chefs are Italian; the car mechanics are German; the lovers are French and it’s all organized by the Swiss. Hell is a place where the police are German; the chefs are English; the car mechanics are French; the lovers are Swiss and it’s all organized by the Italians.

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