Weekend links: May 08 2010

I spoke to my sister today, and she has received the book that I bought online for her a few days ago. I couldn’t speak at length, but looks like the book reached in good time, and was in great shape, so that went really well. I thought I’d write a quick note here, because quite a few of you have written to me, and left comments about it.

On to the links for this week, they are quite varied, and that is probably an indicator of what all happened during the week. Enjoy!

US stocks raise alarm on algo trading @ Matthew Goldstein

The web struggling to keep up with the stock market crash / bounce @ Techrunch

The biggest job creator you have never heard of @ HBR

Investigation in New York @ NY Times

Founders of two successful internet start-ups share their secret @ Digital Inspiration

How to get approved from a prime credit card @ The Digerati Life

ULIPs vs ELSS @ Value Research

Oh those naughty short selling US senators @ FT Alphaville

What percentage of your assets should be allocated to US @ Cash Money Life

Why do Harvard kids head to Wall Street @ Baseline Scenario

Sophisticated investors don’t deserve your love, they are stupid @ Weakonomics

Best student credit cards for those in college @ Smarter Wallet

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