Economy and your Finances Carnival 23rd May 2010

It’s time for another carnival and I hope you enjoy these posts here. Thanks to all who contributed. Enjoy!


Tom Tessin presents 7 Steps to a Lower APR posted at FSC Blog, saying, “Want to get a lower APR on your credit card? If so, here are 7 steps you can take in order to cut it down today!”

debt kid presents Getting Discouraged posted at Debt Kid.

Michael Pruser presents Best Business Credit Cards for Start Ups posted at The Dough Roller.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents What Are The Best Credit Card Rewards Programs? posted at The Digerati Life

Rob presents Bankruptcy Advice posted at Stock Tips, saying, “Bankruptcy advice is crucial to perform the most appropriate steps when filing for bankruptcy.”

BWL presents Best Credit Cards For Cash Back Rewards posted at Christian Personal Finance, saying, “This article looks at some of the best credit cards to have if you are into the cash-back rewards programs…”


Mr. Money Smarts presents Cash For Caulkers Home Improvement Rebate: Money To Retrofit Your Home For Energy Efficiency posted at Smart On Money, saying, “With the economy ailing the Obama administration is working to pass a rebate for folks to buy energy efficient home improvements.”


Consumer Boomer presents How to Get a No Fee IRA with Lending Club posted at Consumer Boomer.

Mike @ Green Panda presents Asset Allocation Basis Part 2: A closer Look at Fixed Income Assets posted at Green Panda Treehouse, saying, “Regardless if you are ready to take risk or not, fixed income should always be considered while managing your asset allocation as a new or experienced investor.”

PT presents A Discussion on Asset Allocation posted at Prime Time Money.

Before You Invest presents Types of Mutual Funds posted at Before You Invest….

Dividend Tree presents Dividend Investing and Businesses with Moat posted at Dividend Tree, saying, “There are many companies that have many years building moats around their businesses. This moat makes it difficult for competitors to encroach upon their market share. Suffice to say, business with moat have sustainable competitive advantage.”

Mike Piper presents What is a Single Premium Immediate Annuity? posted at The Oblivious Investor, saying, “What are single premium immediate annuities, and why are they helpful for retirement planning?”

Madison DuPaix presents Take Advantage of Retirement Catch-Up Contributions posted at My Dollar Plan.

Personal Finance

Jeff Rose, CFP presents Choosing Between 30 Year Mortgage Rate Vs. 15 Year Mortgage Rates posted at Jeff Rose.

Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog presents Passive Income – How to Supplement Your Retirement posted at The Canadian Finance Blog, saying, “If you are like many people around the world, you have probably seen your assets and investments deteriorate over the past couple of years.”

Before You Invest presents Four Bad Spending Habits That I Am Changing Today posted at Before You Invest….

Katie Sorene presents The Ultimate Hotel Booking Guide: 62 Tips That Will Save You Money posted at Travel Blog – Tripbase.

The Financial Blogger presents What To Check When Selling/Buying a House posted at The Financial Blogger, saying, “So overall, having an inspector in your house is a good thing. However, just don’t take everything they say to mess around with they seller”

Christien presents How much does Financial Planning cost? posted at How Much Does Everything Cost?.

nissim ziv presents How to Ask You Boss for a Pay Raise? posted at Job Interview Guide.

Roshawn Watson presents A Secret Weapon To Your Financial Plan posted at Watson Inc, saying, “Personal finances become personal when you realize that your finances affect so many other areas of your family lives, such as your health, your education, your safety, and your relationships. No wonder why Solomon proclaimed, “money answereth all things.””

The Financial Blogger presents Multitasking or Productivity? posted at The Financial Blogger, saying, “I have read several articles about multitasking and many others about productivity. The funny thing is, while we pursue our quest to do 10 things simultaneously, many people think that we become unproductive as a result.”

FMF presents If Shopping is Your Passion, then Get Another Hobby posted at Free Money Finance, saying, “Over-spending is a killer to anyone’s finances.”

Beth Ziesenis presents Xpenser: Text, call or email your expenses into an organizer posted at Cheapskate Freelancer, saying, “Great tool to help you manage your expenses.”

Steven and Debra presents Strategic Defaults: A Misnomer posted at The END TIMES Hoax, saying, “De-bunking the morality argument regarding strategic defaults.”

LeanLifeCoach presents Combat the Closing Techniques – The Make It Affordable Close posted at Eliminate The Muda!, saying, “Learning the inside secrets of salespeople will shift the balance of power in your next negotiation!”

Abigail presents Would you raid your IRA in unemployment? posted at I Pick Up Pennies, saying, “One blogger suggests dipping into your retirement funds when unemployment drains the coffers. Don’t do it!”

Madison presents How Long Do I Need to Keep Tax Returns? posted at Tax Gab.

Mitch Archuleta presents Why Roth IRAs are Ideal for Young Professionals posted at’s Retirement Planning Blog, saying, “Learn what all the hype is about and why Roth IRAs make a great investment vehicle for young professionals.”

Albie presents Work On Your Business, Not In It posted at Matthew Alberto .com.

Editor @ Double My Net Worth presents Comparing My Net Worth posted at Double My Net Worth, saying, “One of my most popular posts, I examined my net worth against my peers and was shocked to find out that those under 20 years old were beating me.”


Arjun Rudra presents Buy, Sell or Hold Bridgewater Systems (TSX:BWC) with Daniel Lee of M Partners posted at Investing Thesis.

Zach Scheidt presents Metals USA Primed for a Bounce posted at ZachStocks, saying, “Metals USA Holdings Corp. (MUSA) has lost a third of its value since the IPO. Investors may be able to buy at current prices for a snapback rally.”

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  1. Thanks for “wealth” of information here. I’m not a big fan of IRAs or 401k’s, even though I have used them. Seems like we should all be preparing for the effects of hyperinflation, that is probably inevitable because of the huge deficit spending the government has recently been doing.

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