How did gold progress through the ages

I am always looking at new things to do on this blog, and when the folks at CreditLoan offered to do an infographic that showed how gold did over the years, I jumped at the offer.

Check out how gold prices moved through the past few decades, which countries mine gold, some history on gold, and a few interesting facts in this awesome graphic below.

8 thoughts on “How did gold progress through the ages”

  1. 20 karat gold is way more than 19.7% pure. In fact, it’s likely four times that amount. Oh, for the love of God, wikipedia is not a source, hence the reason they cite actual sources. That’s like attributing a quote to the person you heard it from, not the original speaker.

  2. What a waste of human effort and the natural environment to destroy miles and miles of landscape over centuries for only 165,000 tons of some stupid earth element? People who say it has intrinsic value are either trying to SELL it to you for you hard earned PAPER money or they are stupid because it has NO intrinsic value. You can’t eat it (broccoli has intrinsic value), you can’t wear it for warmth (cotton has intrinsic value), you can’t burn it to cook your food (oil has intrinsic value).
    Think about this for a moment….all those guys you want to sell you good…want to get your paper money in exchange….so wouldn’t that mean the paper is worth something to?? hey, at least you can burn it for fuel? good luck ya’ll!

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