Owl calendars, gold prices, mutual funds and insurance guides

My friend Shivani really loves owls, and you just have to visit her blog My Owl Barn to see what I mean. Some time ago, she came up with this great idea of creating a calendar based on an owl theme, and after months  it’s completed and all done now. The result is truly beautiful, and you can check out and download her owl calendar for free here.

You can download a pre-made PDF copy, or even customize your own, as there are quite a few cute owl pictures to select from. A great idea and even better execution, go see the calendar now, then return to these other links.

Now let me present to you something else that’s very visual, but not in a cute way – if you haven’t seen the Economist’s world debt interactive , then that’s a good thing to check out as well.

It shows the change in debt level of almost every country since 1999, and has also got a world debt clock, which reminds me of a ticking time bomb. It’s quite something, go check it out.

Here are some other good posts I read this week:

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And finally, let me link to this great round – up and summary by Kid Dynamite on his blog. There are some good pieces there including the whole deal about firemen watching a house burn because the owner didn’t pay the annual subscription.

Enjoy your weekend!

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