How to un-mute a conversation in Gmail?

A few days ago I wrote about a feature called Mute in Gmail which allows you to ignore conversation threads that you don’t want to see in your Inbox.

As a follow-up, there are three things about this feature that I’ll write here:

  • How to find conversations that are muted?
  • How can I turn the mute off?
  • Is my dog muting my conversations?

There are three things related to this feature that you should know lest it becomes a nuisance, and I address them here.

How to find Gmail conversations that are muted?

It’s fairly simple to find what you muted, and all you have to do is type “is:muted” in the search box.


This will show you all the conversations that you muted, and then there is an option to turn mute off on any conversation as well.

How to turn the mute off on a conversation?

You can select a muted conversation, and move it back to Inbox. Once you move a conversation back to your inbox, you’ve un-muted the conversation or turned the mute off, and you’ll start seeing the future emails on that thread in your inbox.

Is my dog muting my conversations?

Most likely not. The shortcut key to mute a conversation is Shift-m, so there’s a chance that you hit that while a conversation is selected and it gets muted. So there is a possibility that you accidentally mute a conversation, and then scratch your head. The good thing though is that if you’re in the To or CC of a muted conversation, then the conversation will appear in your inbox so chances are that you won’t miss any important emails because of this feature.

Even if you haven’t muted anything, it might be a good idea to search for muted conversations anyway because some people have accidentally muted conversations, and found those months after, so just check out if you have any such conversations.

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