Looking forward to next week

I sure am glad that this week is over; there has just been so much bad news this week, that you are advised to not go online or near a TV at all.

I’ll make it a short links post today with just a few links and a video.

Mobile Number Portability FAQs by Pluggd.In

Learning points for a newbie investor @ Tip Blog

Multiple headwinds for Indian financial system @ Sandip Sabharwal

Comparing whole life insurance versus term insurance @ Digerati Life

Cash is King. Long live the King @ Rodinhood

This week I also saw Mark Zuckerberg’s interview in the Web 2.0 Summit 2010, which I really liked. I’m amazed how so many people dismiss him, or say he’s too young, just lucky, or that Facebook is useless or other things like that. He has created something that has over 500 million users for heaven’s sakes! Before you say he was lucky or any other negative thing about him, try building something which has even 500 users, and then maybe you’d appreciate him a little more.

There is something to learn from everyone, and especially from people who achieve so much; I can’t understand how people are sometimes dismissive of others who are a gazillion times more successful.

Enjoy your weekend!

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