How often does India win when Sachin scores a century?

There is this thing I keep hearing that Sachin’s centuries are not all that lucky for India, and we generally lose when he scores them.

A lot of people have this impression, and I thought I’d dig deeper and figure out if there’s anything behind this.

The data that I found surprised me quite a bit.

Sachin’s centuries only result in about 69% wins for India whereas Sehwag’s 14 centuries have led to 13 wins!

Similarly the winning percentage for Ponting, Jayasuriya and Ganguly who have scored many more than Sehwag is much higher as well.

Looking at all the data – I see that there is a simple explanation, but I won’t spoil the fun for you and let you enjoy this little graphic with a lot of other interesting stats as well.

So, you see – it just happens that Sachin has scored more of his centuries against tougher opponents, and while his centuries have in general markedly improved India’s winning chances; those chances were so low to begin with that it gives a semblance that India doesn’t win as often as it should.

I’ve taken the data from How Stat and CricInfo.

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  2. Its amazing stats.. please show this charts to kapildev. He is doing all this for the visibility and to make contravesy against our god.

  3. Sachin played exceptionally for 24 years passion brought him money and fame and numbers.. He played the gentleman’s game as a true gentleman.. His winning percentage may be less compared to other greats but his winning percentage of millions of heart’s is more.. Ultimately winning hearts is what matters… All cricketing nations enjoyed sachin.. So stop blaming him just coz some 20% is low in wins.. With someone.. Compare the two.. Now where they stand in people’s mind…

  4. Compaq
    I know you only trying to get experience for political field, only politician can blame sachin like you.

  5. the very existence of this article proves that sachin played for 1.records and ads 3.his family 4. congress 5. country in decresing order. so bharat ratna is degraded by not given to dhyanchand as he brought 3 olympic gold to india in a more globally popular game mind it without money and ads india owes him a lot unlike sachin who is already overpaid

  6. Hi Manshu,

    In his second last International Cricket match, Sachin has taken a wicket on the fourth delivery of his first over. I think now you should write a post – “How often does India win when Sachin takes a wicket?”. 🙂

  7. What a disgusting abuse of statistics to defend Sachin Tendulkar on a topic where the statistics don’t provide him a defense.

    What the heck is that “78%, 60%” table? Tendulkar has been opening the batting longer than others. More opportunities at using team resources maximally.

    The topic is NOT how often does Sachin score a century against good teams.

    The topic is NOT “does Sachin scoring a century improve the teams’ chances of winning”: those statistics match the century statistics of most other players as well: when they score a century, the team’s win rate goes up more often than not.

    The topic is: does Sachin waste team resources (batting overs) to get to landmarks (centuries) at the cost of the team’s objective (to win the game)?

    The first statistic you presented is damning in measuring that: quite rightly so, because Tendulkar has, throughout his career, wasted team resources to get to centuries, and it was only a matter of time before it cost, and it cost many times. The relatively lower win/loss ratio for Sachin’s centuries is the statistic that demonstrates this best.

  8. Some Peoples Often Said that When Sachin Score Century We Loss that Match and also says that Sachin Centuries are not lucky for India These Pepoles Thinking is very Wrong I am not Agree to Such Statement Bcoz When We Want to Win The Match Our Batting Bowling and Fielding All Three Things Must be Very Strong If Our All thease things are Strong Only Then We Can Win The Match If We Have Good Batting Line up But Lack of good Bowlers then We Cant Win Any Match Because wining The Match means The Fulfilment of Minimum 2 Imp Thing First of Batsman[ to Set maximum Target before Opponent] and Second of Bowlers [ To Take Wickets And Save The Target Created By Batsman] Then In Such Condition If Batsman Fulfill His Responsiblity of Setting Huge Target Before Oponent Team By Scoring Maximum Runs Then Number 2 Responsiblity Will be Of Only Bowlers to Take Wicket And Save Target And If Bowlers Could not Fulfil This Duty then We Cant Blame Any Batsman For loss of Match or We Cant Say them that Your Hundred Is Unlucky For India[Like People Always Says About Sachin]My Topic was of Sachins 100 People Always have Wrong Thinking That When Sachin Hit Century India Loss the Match I am Totally Disagree to this Statement Becoz Out of Sachin 100 Centuries 53 are Matchwining Hundred But Another 47 in which 25 lost and 22 draw Out Of thease 47 Hundred Maximum Hundred are Being Waisted By Indian Bowlers due to their Bad BowlingBecause With the Help Of Sachin Hundreds Many times India Had Set The Target of More Than 250 to 350 run in ODI But Indian Bowlers Waist Their Hundreds Many times Becoz they Fail to Take Wickets or to Save Targets Created With the Helps of Sachin Century Best Example of this is Sachin 100 th ton vs Bangladesh Remember 290 Target Was not Bad as we Think But Indian Bowlers Fail to Take Wicket and Save The Target and We Lost That MatchSimilerely In Test Matches Many times Indian Bowlers Fails To Save The Huge Target Created By Team India In Which Sachin Hit Centuries Finaly Thease Test Matches Comes To Draw Or LostI Dont Want to Say that All 47 Hundred Are Waisted By Bowlers But Out Of Sachin 47 Maximum Centuries are Waisted By Indian Bowlers Everytime When They Fail to Take wickets and To Save The Target Wheather In Odi Or Test So Dont Give Such Untrue Statement That Sachin Centuries Are Not Lucky For India and Dont Blame Him For Any Loss Because He Has Been Performing His Duty of Scorring Maximum Run From 22 Year Which Is Impossible For Any Other BatsmanIf Sachin Had Made thease 100 Ton In Austrelian Batting Line UpSachin Can Have 78 Wining Hundred like [Out of Ponting 71centuries 56 wining hundred means 56/71*100 =78.88% wining Percentage] Because Sachin 100 th ton+ Ausie Bowling Attack = 78 % Wining Percentage Of Sachin Tendulkar HundredIf You Check The Score Card of Sachin 100 Centuries Matches[List of international cricket centuries by Sachin Tendulkar – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia](Search By Above Keywords In Google Search Box)Open This Site and Check Reference In which 105 Links are given In Which 6 th Links is Score Card Of Sachin 1 st Century and 105 th Link is of 100 th International Century Of Master Check Thease 100 Link(Scorecard of 100 Centuries Matches) You Will Be Noted That Sachin Perform His Responsiblity 100 times PerfectelyIn Which 53 Times match won Because Of Good Batting Bowling and Fielding And Out of 47 th Time Most Times India lost the Match or Match Comes to Draw Only Because In That Matches Our Bowling & Fielding Was Too Much Bad and Poor That We Fails to Take Wicket and Save Targets and Finally We Lost or Draw that MatchI Feel Very Bad If India Had Good Bowlers Like Austrelia Tendulkar Had 78% match wining Hundred Like Ponting 56 Out of 71 So Please Dont Give Such Coment On Tendulkarand Oh God Please give India Brilliant Bowlers Like Brilliant Batsman Tendulkar

  9. Wohhhhh……………….What a strategic report provided by you. Thanks a lot for such type excellent job.

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