Weekend links on Friday the 13th

I’m going to be out of town for a few days, and there was quite a bit to do before I left, so haven’t been able to respond to your comments or emails of late.

I’ll be back next week and respond then. I have scheduled a few posts in advance so do expect to see more articles from next week.

I have quite a few links this week and since all of them have excellent titles I will take a shortcut and paste the links without describing them any more.

So you still think JP Morgan is short billions of ounces of silver? @ Kid Dynamite

Google Issues Statement on New Indian Web Rules @ WSJ

What happens when Sixth Sense meets an iPad @ Digital Inspiration

Withdrawal Rates @ Random Roger

Understanding investing risk is more than a qualitative assessment @ Tip Blog

Speak Asia Online – Too good to be true @ TFL

A few links that I re-tweeted on Twitter this week.

Anonymous: peering behind the mask @ Guardian (a good story on the hacktivist group)

This week’s best late night jokes @ About.com

Facebook-Google Privacy PR Smear Is A Campaign In An Epic, Escalating War @ Fast Company

ROI on homes is zilch in the past 35 years @ HBR

Enjoy your weekend!

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