My Top 10 iPhone 4 Apps

The iPhone 4 will soon be released in India, and I thought this is a good time to write about some great apps on the iPhone 4.

I’ve moved from the iPhone 3G to iPhone 4 some time ago, and for me the best improvement has been how quickly the iPhone 4 switches to wireless internet. In the iPhone 3G even if you had the wireless configured (like your home or office) you still had to wait a few moments before it could move to the wireless from the phone internet, and that wait however small it may be was quite annoying.

In the new phone the switch is almost instantaneous and that marks a great improvement. The screen resolution and camera are much better too, but those are facets that get talked about a lot anyway.

Now, let’s take a look at some of my favorite iPhone 4 apps.

1. Official Twitter App: This is by far the most used app on my iPhone 4. In fact, I hardly ever use Twitter on the computer now. Even when I’m near a computer I use the app the keep a tab on Twitter. This is a free app.

2. Facebook: Perhaps not surprisingly, this is the second most used app on my phone, and I log on to it multiple times in a day. This is free as well.

3. Bloomberg: The Bloomberg app is great for financial news as well as keeping a tab on stock quotes. You can add stocks and ETFs from a lot of different markets, and that makes it especially useful for people who may be interested in tracking stocks across different markets.This is a free app also.

4. Reuters: Great app for keeping up with the news, and I especially like the pictures section of it. This is a free app too.

5. The Economist: I’m not a paid subscriber of The Economist, but still get access to quite a few articles on it, and it’s good to resource to check out once a day or so.


My Top 10 iPhone 4 Apps
My Top 10 iPhone 4 Apps

6. Link Shortener by David Pollak: I come across several links while reading on the iPhone and if you want to shorten them then you need something like this app. The Link Shortener app simply takes your link, shortens it and copies it for you to paste it wherever you need. This is a handy tool for people who use Twitter a lot and feel the need to shorten URLs. This app is free as well.

7. BuzzFeed: BuzzFeed is the app of the popular website which has links to things going viral or rather likely to go viral on the web. This is a good app for a laugh and take a break from whatever you’re doing. This app is free.

8. Flixster: This is a good app for reading movie ratings and reviews, and comes in handy whenever a new movie is released. This app is free.

9. Camera +: The iPhone 4 camera is quite good, and since owning this phone I’ve stopped using my digital camera altogether. I bought the Camera + app one day when I was having trouble connecting to Facebook and uploading pictures there with the regular app. It worked and I stuck to it. The app costs $1.99 and I feel it’s an improvement to the camera app that’s already comes with the iPhone 4.

10. Google Authenticator: This is not really an app but I have turned on secondary authentication on my Google account which means that I can’t access my Google account with just my password. This app contains a timer that has a number which changes every 45 seconds or so, and I have to input that number in addition to the password to log in to Gmail. This provides extra safety and you have to enter the key just once in every 30 days so it’s not that much of a hassle either. This is of course free.

These were my top 10 iPhone 4 apps and though I use many others, they are not as frequent as these ones.

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