Bionic Hand, Vanishing Trees and Polished Chauffeurs

First up, here is a video about a very meaningful technology that’s amazing, as well as heart warming.

The bionic hand works using electronic signals from the ending of the hand, and you can see from the video that the technology works quite well.

Like any breakthrough, it’s expensive, but it’s only a matter of time when the cost goes down, and it becomes more accessible.

Watch the video, it’s quite incredible.

Next up, this news story about a Chinese military propaganda video accidentally showing some footage of launching cyber – warfare against US universities got quite popular this week. But I don’t think anyone was shocked hearing this because of what had happened with the Gmail hacks earlier this year.

On to something completely different now, a few weeks ago I linked to a story about a research firm called Muddy Waters coming out with a report about a Chinese company called Sino Forest basically accusing it of fraud.

Today, it’s shares were suspended in Canada, and the stock fell over 70% in the US. Muddy Waters did some research and shorted the stock, and must have made some really good money on it. Here is the Bloomberg story on it.

An interesting aspect about this is that billionaire hedge funder John Paulson used to be a big investor in this stock, and lost a lot of money in it. He sold all his stake after the report came out, but I would have thought that billionaires had better tools than the ordinary public to sniff out frauds.

On that topic – WSJ reports that John Paulson’s losses continue this week, and one of his funds have lost about 38% this year.

A finishing school for Indian drivers – isn’t that an interesting idea? Rich Indians need chauffeurs who don’t eat raw onions, can control their anger, and that sounds like a great business opportunity.

Finally, Hemant on a new product called Reliance SIP Insure.

Enjoy your weekend!

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