Cancer sniffing dogs, new species of sharks and wooden iPads

Before I start this week I want to say that I’ve shared a lot of these over Twitter and Facebook already, so I’m sorry about the repetition that some of you may see. It’s just that I think that there are a lot more email subscribers so it outweighs the repetition that some of you may see.

But in any case, I’ll start off with a link that I haven’t yet shared – this is about dogs that can detect cancer just by sniffing a person’s breath. I was quite fascinated by the idea, and the article said that there have been earlier cases of dogs sniffing out cancer as well, but scientists are still some time away before turning it into a process that can be used at a scale.

Next up, scientists discover a new species of shark in a fish market in Taiwan! Apparently, this happens a lot more than you would imagine. Quite interesting!

Now, moving on to the economy – I enjoyed this piece in the NYT titled India measures itself against a China that doesn’t notice. The story talks about how Indians talk “endlessly” about China, but how India finds very little mention in China. That’s not really surprising, and is human behavior at all levels.

Talking of human behavior – Ranjan Varma writes about Psychology and Education and wonders why there is so much difference between rational decisions and automatic financial behavior.

I don’t know why that is, but thinking rationally for a few minutes would have saved this woman $180 who bought a wooden iPad from a McDonald’s parking lot.

Aditya shared this interesting article about speculation in food commodities and its impact on far flung places.

Finally, Hemant on understanding gears in investment vehicles.

Enjoy your weekend!

2 thoughts on “Cancer sniffing dogs, new species of sharks and wooden iPads”

  1. Nice Links Mashu.

    2 things i can connect to as taken up a job in Taiwan and been there since last 2 months.

    People here kind of eat everything that can be eaten, at least from the sea, including ‘sea weed’, which is considered very healthy and good for heart. So, no wonder one can find different kind of Sharks without people noticing the difference.

    Second thing about china not noticing India, may be is partially true. Since i’m in software field, i was expecting people here (they are mostly of Chinese descent) to know lot more about Bangalore. But sometime ppl haven’t even heard about B’lore. ignorance ? may be ! but they hardly care.


    1. Thanks for getting that perspective in Raja. What about the general economic condition there? How are things feeling there? Is it too tied to the west because of reliance on exports or not so much?

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