Share Buybacks, Counter View and Jugaad

The most fascinating story I read this week was about Sara Blakely who is a self made billionaire and has built the Spanx business from scratch through her grit and hard work. It’s an incredible and inspiring article and I really enjoyed going through it.

Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos is funding a clock that will be able to show time for the next 10,000 years and it’s an icon to long term thinking something which Jeff Bezos has always spoke of and is fundamental to the way Amazon operates.

Closer home, Financial Express opines that Rahul Gandhi’s drubbing may boost India.

On the same topic, Sandip Sabharwal writes on what would happen if the elephant starts moving.

Business Standard has an article on buybacks, and how there are 16 buybacks open in the market but only 5 of them show any reasonable volumes. CRISIL happens to be one of these companies which has completed 99% of their buyback, and that brings me to the next post.

Deepak Shenoy writes about the CRISIL buyback and how while it has bought back shares from the market on one hand, it has issued it as ESOPs on the other! So, the whole benefit of buybacks which is reducing the denominator of number of shares outstanding to boost earnings per share is totally nullified in this way.

Finally, John Elliot laments jugaad in India.

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