Weekend Links July 27 2012

Short links post today because I don’t want to miss out on watching the Olympics opening ceremony.

Here are 7 great things I read during the week.

Howard Marks: Active Management is the Search For Mistakes (Latest Memo)

Worlds’s Lightest Material: Aerographite Might Hold the Key to a Battery Revolution

Greenlight Q2 Letter to Investors

London Eye to be transformed into Twitter sentiment pie chart during Olympics

BuzzFeed’s Strategy

Economist has a brilliant chart on median age of cabinet ministers and populations

Tongue in cheek: John Kay – The Parable of the Ox

Enjoy your weekend!


3 thoughts on “Weekend Links July 27 2012”

  1. As always, an interesting post, plenty of food for thought for the weekend. It is another matter that I am reading it on a weekday! 🙂

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