I am A Driverless Car Causing Hurricanes

The most amazing thing I read this week was this Reddit IamA of Peter Moore who was held hostage in Iraq for 2.5 years. Some of the things he says sounds so unreal and something straight out of a movie like the one incident where he says they did a fake execution on him.

Bemoneyware has a good guest post on women and financial planning.

NYT has an interesting article on Google’s driverless car.

A hilarious account of how Fundoo Professor lost all his Amex points and Kingfisher miles.

Reason has an interesting post on why Republicans aren’t able to harness Indian American votes any more. I disagree with a lot of what this article had to say but it has some good stats, and is an interesting read.

I love to read anything Jeff Bezos, and really enjoyed this brief post with interesting quotes from his annual letters.

Finally, some amazing pictures of destruction caused by Sandy.

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