Obama Re-Election and Earth Stops Spinning

Let’s start this week with a very useful post by Hemant about  medical insurance for parents. This is an area where costs are rising rapidly and there is real need for good insurance. Hemant covers good ground as usual and I believe this is an important subject for most of us.

Next, New Scientist talks about India’s thorium dream and I must admit that I didn’t even know we had such a dream.

The Economist talks about what the recent deal means for Kingfisher and the Mallya empire.

Fast Company has a great story on Henry Ford with the wonderful title: Be Like Henry Ford: Apprentice Yourself In Failure.

Bloomberg has a slideshow on the world’s 20 richest people.

The Economist again, this time on Mr. Obama’s re-election.

Finally, the question that’s been on your mind all week – what will happen if the earth stopped spinning? 

Enjoy your weekend!

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