Weekend Links: March 29 2013

Let’s start this week with a Business Standard editorial that examines the causes that have led to our big current account deficit, and also why it is a cause of  worry for us.

BusinessWeek has a great article on how Samsung became the world’s number 1 smart phone manufacturer.

The situation in Cyprus is not as bad as expected and they are already relaxing some of the capital control measures they put in place.

The NYT has an interview with a North Korean expert who explains how the current situation should be viewed, and thankfully this is one interview that didn’t have any hype and seemed to be grounded on facts.

Hemant has a great post on how you can save money on your holidays.

Did you hear about the 17 year old who sold his startup to Yahoo! for $30 million?

Finally, do you know why lb is the symbol for pound?

Enjoy your weekend!

6 thoughts on “Weekend Links: March 29 2013”

  1. I do agree with you.Higher price will result in lower consumption.But,here we are talking about the correction of immediate huge gap between exports and imports.I dont know the end user percentages of diesel consumption.My own feeling is to a large extent the consumption is not price sensitive.eg.use of diesel in generators.In the very long run may be alternate sources may be developed.In spite of so many years of R&D we still have not found a substitute for petrol.

    1. I’m feeling very dismayed at the current state of affairs. I know you have always been optimistic, and want to know from you what you think of the future? How will it shape up?

  2. Current Account deficit data revealed recently is disturbing.
    One of the solutions suggested to improve the situation is to hike the domestic price of Diesel to a level far higher than what it is today.
    My question is how will this result in curbing imports and reduce the gap between exports and imports?Hiking diesel price will reduce the subsidy Bill but will it reduce imports as the demand for Diesel is not price sensitive.

    1. Sir why do you feel so? There are so many diesel vehicles, surely they will start using diesel more conservatively if the price went up.

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