Ants on skyscrapers get promoted in foggy Beijing

In a bit of a hurry today so doing quick links.

NYT on a fascinating story on what a big deal pollution is in China.

Excellent post on 5 things every presenter should know about people

Is Pakistan the next frontier for entrepreneurs?

Very interesting article on why putting trees on skyscrapers is not a good idea. 

HBR on what to do when you have angered someone?

The greatest 25 books of all time

Finally, did you know that ants also got promotions?

3 thoughts on “Ants on skyscrapers get promoted in foggy Beijing”

  1. Hey just a quick question: from where do u find all these amazing links??? Like which all blogs and all u follow.

    Cause u post links to some seriously amazing stuff.

    1. These are mostly from accounts I follow on Twitter and I have shared all these links on Twitter earlier, you can take a look at my Twitter account to see who I follow and that will give you a good idea on who shares these links etc.

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