Weekend links July 20 2013

Let’s start this week with a great column that appeared in Business Standard about FCI’s dominance in food procurement and the absolute waste and corruption that is caused by it. Did you know that the highest paid loader gets Rs. 2.25 lakhs per month for simply loading grains in a truck?

Ajah Shah has a greet column in Economic Times on how the attack on the market for rupee is a mistake.

Another great column in Business Standard on Wrongs of Rights. An excerpt that I really liked:

Rights matter only if they can be enforced. And who will enforce them? A public administration that has been severely undermined by the very political forces that self-righteously pass these laws? Or the courts – an institution that is currently burdened with approximately 30 million cases and in whose portals the average life of a lawsuit exceeds 10 years? Were this to only imply a mockery of the concept of rights, that would be bad enough. But it has far more pernicious institutional effects.

Freakonomics on how the Japanese are trying palm surgery to alter their fortunes. 

A very interesting article on The Curious Case of Déjà Vu.

National Geographic on how decapitated worms regrow their heads and their memories.

A very useful comparison on how various sugar substitutes stack.  

Enjoy your weekend!

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