First weekend links of 2014

I really loved reading Rafael Nadal’s interview in the FT yesterday, the humility of the man is staggering.

I was fascinated to read that Zappos is getting rid of managers in the company, and replacing its somewhat traditional corporate hierarchy with a structure known as Holocracy. Whether it works or not only time will tell, but it surely is fascinating to think that you can run a company without traditional managers.

Self driving cars, trips to Mars, WiFi lights, how long before you can buy plates and cups that you never need to wash? A bit longer than you would hope, but at least someone is working on it. Take a look at the video in that article too, amazing that that’s ketchup in the bottle.

Whenever I read a good article on sleep, I’m reminded of how little we know about sleep.

I discovered this blog about a month ago, very funny.

The way drug legalization is going, most of America may legalize recreational Marijuana in a decade or so; The Economist has a good article on the subject.

Finally, does it annoy you when someone takes a picture instead of enjoying the scenery?

Enjoy your weekend!

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