India v Australia Record at ICC Events

India is going to play Australia in the semi finals of the current world cup on Thursday next week, and I hope that India continues their great form, and beats Australia to reach the final.

India has had great form in the World Cup but terrible form in Australia just prior to the World Cup so you can use either of those performances to back your prediction, and I imagine most people around you are doing exactly that.

I’m using the World Cup performance myself to back up my prediction that India will win, and I was just curious to see how the two teams have performed in general in ICC events.

Australia has done better than India as the table below shows, but India has won a fair a bit too. But if you just consider World Cups, India has won 3 and Australia has won 7 so there Australia is much better.

India v Australia - ICC History

It is going to be a great game, and all the best to the India team!

One thought on “India v Australia Record at ICC Events”

  1. This will be a real tough contest. India will try to take the revenge of recent Australia tour, when Australia will put their 1000 % to forget 2011 cricket world cup memories. Next Thursday would be a virtual national holiday for India. 🙂

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