Pledge Mastercard or Visa credit card for bad credit

Pledge Mastercard or Visa credit card from First Premier Bank is meant for people with bad credit. We look at some costs and fee associated with the Pledge credit card.

Initial Fees

First PREMIER Pledge credit card charges an initial $179.00 fee for individuals with poor credit. The breakdown of this charge is as follows:

•Account Set-up Fee: $29.00 (one-time fee)
•Program Fee: $95.00 (one-time fee)
•Annual Fee: $48.00
•Monthly Servicing Fee: $84.00 (billed at $7 per month)

An important factor to consider is that these fees are deducted from your available credit and are due immediately upon your first billing statement. This means that if you qualify for a $250.00 limit, your initial available credit will only be $71.00 and your statement balance will be $179.00 plus any additional credit you use during that billing cycle.

Additional Fees

In addition to the initial First PREMIER Pledge credit card fees that are required for establishing your new account, there are extra fees to be considered.  These include:

•Fee for late payment: $29.00
•Over limit fee: $29.00
•Additional card fee: $20.00

  • Credit limit increase fee: $25.00
  • Internet access fee: $3.95 (one-time)
  • Copying fee: $3.00 (per item)
  • Wire transfer fee: $5.00 (per transaction)
  • Return item charge: $25.00
  • Autodraft fee: $11.00 (per payment)
  • Express delivery fee: $25.00
  • Monthly Account Maintenance Fee: $3 per month on closed accounts with a balance of more than $20

As seen from the list above, most of these additional fees are conditional. In other words, these charges may or may not apply to you and your account, depending upon your circumstances and how you use the credit card. Also, fees may be added or removed at the leisure of the credit card company, and based on your specific card and credit history.


First PREMIER Pledge Card’s starting APR is 9.9% but can be increased up to 19.9%. Immediate increases in APR will incur if any default is made two times in six months. A default is a missed or late payment or exceeding the credit limit, which results in an APR penalty. The APR penalty may be removed and the initial APR may be restored if your account remains default-free for three consecutive months.


This concludes the summary of First PREMIER Pledge Credit Card. These facts are meant to provide you with valuable information that you can use to obtain a new card that works for you. By understanding these basic details, you are unlikely to be caught off guard or surprised with any miscellaneous charges or high APR rates.

We have made every effort to ensure that the information here is accurate and up to date, however since these things keep changing, we encourage you to check the source of the full terms and disclosures. The fine print is not really all that hard to read!

List of credit cards for people with bad credit

The following table shows the APR and Initial Fee that are charged by credit cards popular with people with bad credit. These have not been listed in any particular order because different companies have different definitions of bad credit. So that means while one company may be willing to give you a credit card, other may not. So this list is just meant to be a reference. Also be sure to check out the website of the issuing bank for latest information. Since we are not affiliated to any of these banks, we might miss an update that they made.

S. No. Credit Card Initial Fee APR
1 Orchard Bank Low APR Master Card $60 – $96 7.9% – 8.9%
2 Centennial MasterCard or Visa from First PREMIER Bank $179.00 9.99%
3 Orchard Bank Low APR MasterCard with Interest Rebate $145.00 7.9%
4 Centennial Gold MasterCard $179.00 9.99%
5 First Premier Classic $179.00 9.9%
6 Orchard Bank Classic Mastercard $98.00 14.9%
7 First Premier Bank Gold $256.00 9.9%
8 Capital One Standard Platinum $0 19.8%
9 Capital One Platinum Max $19 16.9%
10 Capital One Classic Platinum $19 14.9%
11 Capital One Platinum $39 8.9%

We try to get this list updated as frequently as possible, but because these things keep changing so very often, it sometimes becomes difficult to keep up. So please make sure to read the fine print from the company’s website itself before making your decision.