Capital One Standard Platinum Credit Card for Average Credit

Capital One Standard Platinum Credit Card is for people with average credit. Capital one defines people with average credit as someone:

  • Who has, or ever had a US credit card or personal loan.
  • Who has a credit limit of less than $5000 on a current credit card or doesn’t have a credit card at all.
  • Who may have been late in payment on one or more bills in the last six months.

The Capital One Standard Platinum Credit Card has an no annual fee but has a minimum finance charge of $0.50 in every billing period.

Other Fee

  • Cash Advance Fee: $10 or 3% of advance, whichever is higer.
  • Late Payment Fee: $15 if you owe less than $99. $29 for balance of $100 – $249. $39, if you owe more than that.
  • Over the Credit limit Fee: If your credit limit is less than $500 then you will owe a fee of $19. For a credit limit of $500 – $999.99, you will pay $29. For anything more than that you will pay a fee of $39.
  • Returned Payment Fee: $39


This credit card comes with a variable APR. That means that Capital One offers you a certain APR based on the going prime rate. However if the prime rate goes up, then Capital One has the option of increasing your APR as well.

The lowest purchase APR that you can get on a Capital One Platinum Credit Card is 19.8%. Now since this is variable, it keeps changing and you need to check the most current purchase APR after talking to Capital One directly. Right now there is an offer going in which your purchase APR will be 0 through your billing period till 02/2009

We have made every effort to ensure that the information here is accurate and up to date, however since these things keep changing, we encourage you to check the source of the full terms and disclosures. The fine print is not really all that hard to read!

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